Companion/Sitter Services
Companion/Sitter services include non-medical care, socialization and basic supervision to ensure a client’s safety and well-being. Companions may provide light housekeeping tasks, which are secondary to the care and supervision of the client.

DMV Home Support LLC provides Companion/Sitter services to individuals in their own homes and communities, who need assistance caring for themselves as a result of old age, sickness, disability and/or other inflictions.

Companion/Sitter services include, but are not limited to, the following activities:

  • providing companionship, friendship and emotional support;
  • talking listening, sharing experiences,
  • playing games/cards, reading to client etc.;
  • helping keep clients in contact with family, friends and the outside world;
  • providing transportation and escort assistant to medical appointments, grocery store and errands;
  • accompanying clients to recreational and/or social events;
  • assisting with plans for visits and outings;
  • writing or typing letters/correspondence;
  • organizing and reading mail;
  • planning local trips and out-of-town travel with clients;
  • teaching/performing meal planning, preparation and serving;
  • performing household tasks essential to cleanliness and safety;
  • accompanying client on walks;
  • reminding client to take medication;
  • reminding client to start or finish meals; and,
  • assisting with pet care.

Companion/sitter services shall not include any personal or hands-on care.

The tasks to be performed by Home Care Workers are non-medical in nature and do not require clinical judgment.